About Us

Kplus Developers is a well-known real estate developer in Singapore. They specialize in developing upscale residential condominiums in prime locations like Orchard Road, providing luxurious living spaces to Singapore’s affluent residents.

The real estate developer is in charge of deciding, promoting, programming andfinancing the building works and authorizing any modification that may occur during the construction project.

As a property developer, one of your main concerns is ensuring all projects are completed within budget and on time. 

Say About Me?


Ernest Savage

I’m quite content and have experienced excellent treatment. These people are excellent professionals. Very eager to sell my home. Without creating a fuss over anything. Insistent. 


Detra Taylor

Many thanks to Kplus for managing the sale of my property transparently; they consistently gave us a sense of security and assurance. They will be relied upon for all future management.


Dorothy Scott

I wish to give the Kplus team of experts my highest recommendation for the professionalism they consistently displayed while selling my house. Everything has been taken care of, and the outcome is excellent.


Karen Raymond

Good management and professionalism made me feel at ease and well-supported. Constantly well-attended and capable of handling emergencies.

Real estate developer 

They are building agents in charge of selling and promoting new construction homes. Its objective is the sale of these apartments or houses.

Real Estate Construction Company 

 It is in charge of carrying out the work, therefore being a fundamental part of the project’s development. 

Real Estate Agency

It is in charge of marketing the homes, so its work is, above all, communicative

Performance bond is a financial guarantee to protect clients and ensure that projects are completed as agreed.

It is essential to hire the services of a good, reliable and solvent architect.
Drafting the basic project and the execution project

Financing alternatives for real estate developers

Must think about the forms of financing

Bank Financing

Bank financing has always been behind mortgages and construction projects, but the current risk policy only allows the person who has disbursed more than 50% of the total to make the offer. 

Private financing

Financing for real estate developers can also be private. With quite a few points in favour, we find contracts that offer new possibilities to those who want to move forward with their housing project

Investment Funds

There are investment funds specializing in real estate issues. Banks offer alternatives that these entities cannot cover, and those who comply with the contract usually obtain very good benefits. 

Real Estate Crowdfunding

As a financing alternative for the new millennium, real estate crowdfunding is also a good solution for projects related to houses, apartments or blocks of flats that we are betting on.

Financing For Large Projects 

Developer loans are usually large amounts, making them an ideal option for financing large projects, such as the construction of buildings or developing entire communities. 

Flexible Repayment Terms

Depending on the type of loan you choose, you can opt for longer repayment terms, allowing you to repay the loan in smaller instalments and over a longer period, although you will not forget its purpose.

Financing despite not having enough equity:

 Loans for real estate developers can be an interesting option if you need more equity to finance your real estate project.