K+ Keng Lye


When Keng Lye first picked up his brush and started painting on layers of resin, he simply wanted to prove that he could recreate Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori’s resin goldfish art. Six years on and two highly successful solo exhibitions behind him, Keng Lye has embraced this unique art form of using just paint and resin to create art pieces of aquatic creatures that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

K+ is honoured to once again shine the spotlight on Keng Lye, with his third exhibition. While Keng Lye had previously experimented with using resin and gel to sculpt three-dimensional works, Reborn sees the hyperrealist artist return to the roots of his artistic journey. In Reborn, Keng Lye’s new work focuses on the deft, delicate brushstrokes that breathe life into his resin paintings. Inspired by his carefree days as an art student, as well as memories from his youth, Keng Lye has created simple yet breathtaking bowls of longkang (Malay for drain) fish as well as his favourite goldfish. Every piece is a moment frozen in time, and imbued with a sense of earthiness and fluid beauty.

K+ Keng Lye: Reborn ran from 13 January to 26 February 2017.