The View From Here

Seven artists. Fifteen paintings. Each canvas, a window to a world not unlike ours. From idyllic kampung scenes to dappled forests and lakes, The View From Here provides an often overlooked view: art and disability is not simply a sentimental one-dimensional affair, but a multifaceted opportunity where artists can continuously test the boundaries of their artistry.

As the grand finale to our journey in championing artistic talent, K+ and Very Special Arts Singapore invite you to discover the world through the eyes of Chang Kim Ngoh, Eugene Soh, Lee Mun Choong, Lee Wei Kong, Ng Siang Hoi, Raymond Lau Poo Seng and Stanley Lim Min Chieh, artists who have persisted in their passion for art in spite of their disabilities.

The View From Here runs from 18 May to 24 June 2018