In this age of constant overexposure and fleeting interactions, what becomes of the threads that bind us?

K+ SOTA: Invisible Ties proposes that these threads — to people, places, and moments in time — still remain, but are now hidden and obfuscated in the noise of the everyday. These 10 young artists from the School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA) have honed their artistic voices to cut through the clutter.

Linked by a common desire to connect, the featured works wrestle with issues close to heart and home. Using myriad methods and materials, these student artists invite you to explore illusory spaces, examine relationships between the familiar and unfamiliar, and reconcile different forms of conflict.

For Art of Giving 2017, 50% of the proceeds from the sales of artworks will be donated to the HCA Hospice Care.

K+ SOTA: Invisible Ties runs from 22 December 2017 to 4 February 2018.