K+ Ripple Root



For our next show, we are giving over our gallery walls to Ripple Root, the artist duo known for their bold paintings. Expect an explosion of colours, patterns and motifs with a distinct Southeast Asian ornamentation and folkloric twist.

In SWAMP-ISLAND-POETRY, Liquan Liew and Estella Ng pay homage to the primeval swamp from which life rises, building upon a theme recurrent in their works. While ostensibly about nature, SWAMP-ISLAND-POETRY is also an invitation to ponder the dualities of life: the naive renderings a statement of quiet confidence amidst the sophistication of the concrete jungle, the world of wildlife versus raging tech wars and white noise, the search for beauty even in the banal.

This same duality is reflected in how the two work side by side, both contributing equally to each and every piece, one artist’s strokes an organic response to the other’s.

“I think in the beginning, Liquan’s style was a little more structured while mine tends to be more spur of the moment,” says Estella. “But over time, it gets harder and harder to tell who painted what, our styles swirling together into one distinct Ripple Root point of view.”

Catch SWAMP-ISLAND-POETRY from 9 February to 18 March 2018.