The question of “who am I” is one that artists and thinkers have returned to time and again throughout mankind’s existence. “Ephemeral Silhouettes” is the latest chapter in Korean artist Moonassi’s search for identity, a journey that has taken him to as far away as Norway as an artist-in-residence at Kunstnarhuset Messen. Though the stint did not produce the answer he desired, it did illuminate to him why an answer might never be found.

“The first reason is that there is no one who knows me well. The intangible existence of ‘I’ is always defined by others. Since there are no such people, it may not be possible to find ‘me’,” says Moonassi. “The second reason is that there is no fixed ‘me’ in the first place. ‘I’ am always changing depending on where I stand, who I am with. Sometimes there is ‘I’, and sometimes there is no ‘I’.”

Immersed in the natural landscapes of Norway, Moonassi also came to the conclusion that the very question of self is an irrelevance. “Before such a nature, I see then that it is pointless to say how proud I am or how bad a person I am… or to even ask what I am. The most important thing is being faithful to daily life just as the mountains stand as they are, the water flows as it is, and the trees shake as the wind blows.”

Come ponder the philosophical drawings of Moonassi at the exhibition which will run from 9 June to 23 July 2017.