K+ Leng Soh


Ceramic artist Leng Soh delves into the human condition with Entanglement, centering on the conflicts of the heart. The theme first took seed in a personal dilemma she faced: an art director by trade, she was torn between her work and her love for art, one which she had harboured since young but did not pursue out of practical reasons. In 2012, Leng decided to answer the call of her heart and took up ceramics, inspired by its tactility and how the medium lets her articulate thoughts and emotions using only her bare hands.

Entanglement, the first piece of the series to be created — and also the piece which lends its name to the exhibition — is the perfect embodiment of Leng’s expressive style, a departure from convention with fluid forms and rich textures. In some pieces, a complex web of strings completes the vivid portrayal of a heart stymied, red strings standing for arteries and blue for veins.

K+ is proud to host this emerging talent and her achingly beautiful works. We firmly believe this solo exhibition is only the first of many to come.

K+ Leng Soh: Entanglement ran from 3 March to 16 April 2017.