K+ Allison M. Low


“The Luckier refers to a kind of ideal self: One who does not doubt opportunity, indulge in self-sabotage, 
or allow the absurdity of an ideal to ruin the pursuit of it.”
– Allison M. Low

“The Luckier” is the visual exploration of a liminal space
one we often retreat into when in a state of indecision

Embarked upon as a way of trying to understand
the faceless desires that often elude the logical mind
creating the work was my way of taking
a decisive measure in a time of uncertainty

Here, feelings of displacement culminate as an in-between
where dreaming and reality combine in multi-colour
where peculiar narratives illustrate the lostness, hope and longing
of a person who is grappling with the concept of purpose


Existing in the mysterious chaos of in-between states is the surreal world of “The Luckier”. This is where dreams meld with reality, where the lost try to find their way. It is in this liminal space where Singapore-based artist Allison M. Low examines the disenchantment found in the pursuit of “success” and “purpose”.

For her second solo exhibition, Allison dives deep into the emotional chaos which arose from a particularly trying time, emerging with ten paintings that represent an attempt at wresting back control in the face of the unknown

Taking inspiration from Chinese fortune charms, which focus on wordplay, Allison’s portraits of children and fantastical chimera are imbued with existential angst and dread. Her paintings suggest a rich interior world fuelled by visual metaphors which illustrate one’s internal struggle and confusion with our sense of purpose in life.

“The Luckier” runs from 29 March to 13 May 2018.