K+ Paintings for ants

#ANTSinSINGAPORE is South African artist Lorraine Loots’ first solo show in Asia. The exhibition will showcase 100 artist’s proof prints from her Potluck 100 | Paintings for Ants series as well as 5 original paintings made just for Singapore.

The 31-year-old Cape Town native started painting as a way of keeping her passion for art alive. She made herself paint one hour every day for an entire year. The self-imposed time limit meant that she could only paint something small — so Loots challenged herself with the tiniest paintings she could achieve.

3 years and 300,000 followers later, Loots now paints full-time. This allows her to paint with greater complexity and detail, as seen in her work for #ANTSinSINGAPORE. Visitors can look forward to paintings from 4 different themes: ‘Microcosm Mondays’ features impressive watercolour paintings of galaxies and nebulas; ‘Tiny Tuesdays’ presents vintage book covers in minute detail; ‘Fursdays’ is a collection of animal paintings; and ‘Free Fridays’ lets Loots go wild with her paintbrush.

The exhibition will also present 5 original miniatures Loots painted just for Singapore. Depicting local landmarks of historical and cultural significance, her paintings will be available for sale exclusively at K+.

Come and take a close look at Loots’ tiny world from 15 September to 29 October 2017.